Successor Agency Overview

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The Cathedral City Redevelopment Agency was created in November 1981 and was responsible to the Citizens of the City for the revitalization of economically declining areas. The Agency used funds to build infrastructure, finance public projects and support private development. In February 2012, the Successor Agency was created and the Redevelopment Agency ceased to exist.

The Redevelopment Agency was committed to the redesign, reconstruction or rehabilitation of residential, commercial, industrial and public areas as may be appropriate or in the interest of the community. It encouraged the formation of public-private partnerships to leverage maximum economic benefits to Cathedral City and its citizens.

The agency received property tax revenues (known as "tax increment") and earned limited interest on monies held. These funds were distributed to numerous agencies through pass-through agreements and special business incentive agreements. The remaining funds were used for low and moderate income housing, servicing of outstanding debt, economic development and various capital improvement projects related to redevelopment. 


The Downtown Revitalization Program was responsible for implementing and coordinating activities necessary to transform the area bounded by Date Palm, Cathedral Canyon, "D" Street and the Cathedral Canyon Channel into a special pedestrian-oriented retail/restaurant/entertainment core flanked by attractive residential neighborhoods. Adopted in February 1993, the program focused on removing barriers to investment, related to the negative image of the area. Key strategies included widening and enhancing East Palm Canyon Drive, installing improvements to upgrade the neighborhood, investing in civic facilities and attracting new private development and business.

To initiate the tremendous physical change required, efforts included:

  • capital improvements
  • the packaging of development sites in key locations
  • the promotion of the area to outside investors
  • the implementation of development standards, design guidelines and a quality project review process
  • the establishment of assistance programs for residents, merchants and property owners
  • outreach to the community and information activities

Activities and Their Objectives 

  • Ensure that capital project planning and implementation occurs in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Ensure that appropriate development standards and design guidelines are in place and a design review process implemented that will insure the quality of private development.
  • Undertake acquisition program of properties key to enabling revitalization to occur.
  • Identify and negotiate development of catalyst projects to stimulate private investment and initiative.
  • Assist in the recruitment of new business, both directly and in conjunction with developers.
  • Identify and implement assistance programs in the areas of design rehabilitation, relocation, business retention and business recruitment.
  • Implement outreach programs to encourage participation and involvement by area residents, merchants and property owners.