Medication TakeAway Program

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Did you know that medications should not be flushed down the toilet?

Waste water treatment plants are not designed to remove pharmaceuticals from water supplies. For this reason, the Office of National Drug Control Policy advises against flushing medications down the toilet. You no longer need to hold onto unwanted or expired medications. Intentional or accidental ingestion of left over medications by children, pets, or others can occur from improper storage and trash disposal of medications. In addition, taking expired medications or drugs no longer indicated or prescribed can lead to harmful side-effects and drug interactions.

TakeAway™ is the quick, easy solution to proper disposal of unwanted or unused medication. How can you safely dispose of your unwanted medications?

  • Submit a request to receive a TakeAway™ envelope.
  • Place your unused pharmaceuticals still in their original containers inside the TakeAway™ envelope.
  • Once the envelope is full, drop it off at the post office or nearby postal dropbox.
  • It’s that simple and there is no cost to participate in this program.

To receive a TakeAway™ envelope email 

      One (1) TakeAway envelope holds up to 9 or 10 regular sized prescription bottles. If one TakeAway envelope is not enough or if you need more envelopes in the future, please place another order. Multiple Orders are encouraged!