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Energy Efficiency & Conservation Tips

In Southern California, it costs more to produce electricity in the summer, when energy demand is at its peak, and less to produce electricity in the winter, during periods of lower demand. When you use energy wisely, you’ll be saving money and the environment.

That’s why the City of Cathedral City and Southern California Gas Company and Southern California Edison (SCE) are partnering to encourage energy efficiency and conservation.

Using energy wisely in our everyday lives is a smart way to ensure our planet and its natural resources are protected. Simple changes to your daily routine on how and when you use electricity can make a difference.

For Example, switch off unnecessary lights and at the end of the day turn off office equipment. Even using your washing machine, dryer or dishwasher before noon or after 6 p.m. can help conserve energy when demand is at its highest.

Energy management is the first and best way to manage your energy use not only at home, but at work too. It can help create a brighter future for us all. By becoming more energy conscious, you’ll help California conserve valuable energy resources now and well into the future.

Below are links to more information on energy efficiency programs.


Southern California Edison Programs External Link Icon 800.736.4777

The Gas Company has numerous programs to assist residential customers. Programs include rebates for replacement of qualified energy efficient equipment, free on-line and mail in energy surveys, free energy efficiency starter kits, incentives for solar thermal water heating. There are also use energy conservation tips and information on federal tax credits for energy efficiency retrofits.  Contact information as well as website links are listed below...

Southern California Gas Company Programs

  • Residential: 1-888-431-2226
  • Multifamily: 1-888-431-2226
  • Business: 1-800-427-2000

ENERGY STAR  888.782.7937

CA Energy Commission Consumer Energy Center  800.555.7794