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Did you know? That the City of Cathedral City purchases alternatively fueled vehicles like hybrids and CNG? Click here to learn more. To learn more about compressed natural gas vehicles visit the following website:


Cutting Costs by Cutting Air Pollution Cathedral City CNG Station Operational

To meet air pollution reduction targets, the City of Cathedral City has been replacing its older diesel heavy-duty vehicles with vehicles designed to use alternative “greener” fuel. An important part of the City’s effort to reduce air pollution, is the ability for the City to have access to a reliable, convenient and cost effective refueling station. A City owned and operated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) refueling station is now operational at the City’s Public Works/Maintenance facility at 68-385 Kieley Road.

To offset the cost and the impact on the City’s challenged general fun, the City applied for grant funding to support the development of the CNG refueling station. The City has received $240,000 from the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee for the development of this project. The total cost of the project is $424,000.

The primary justification for the city-owned time fill station besides reliability is cost savings in actual fuel cost and human resources. Cathedral City paid an average of $2.30 during 2006 for retail CNG at the existing local Clean Energy CNG stations. The cost to Cathedral City to operate a public works time fill (vehicles hook up to the pump and are filled slowly over night) CNG station will be about $1.00 per diesel equivalent gallon (deg) including the 2005 federal energy bill credit of $0.50/deg. Based on a savings of 240 deg/day for 260 days per year @ $1.30/deg this amounts to $81,120 per year savings.

In addition, it is estimated that staff time to fill 16 CNG vehicles offsite (waiting in line to access the CNG pump, etc) as opposed to time fill at the Public Works facility wastes about four hours per vehicle per month or sixty-four hours per month for the 16 vehicle fleet. On an annual basis that wastes 768 hours per year which, using a fully charged wage rate including benefits is about $61,000 per year.

The total combined savings could be as much as $140,000 per year for the CNG station at the City Yard.

This is an example of how Cathedral City is looking for, getting grants for and implementing innovative ways to deliver city services in a cost effective manner.