Mobile Homes

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Mobile Home Rent Control Ordinance
Ordinance 48 - Adopted by City Council in 1982

Mobile Home LogoApplies only to: non-Indian-lease land (does not apply to parks on Indian-owned land). Residents with no long-term lease or rental agreement (if tenants have a long-term lease, the lease agreement controls the amount of rent increase that is allowed each year. Rent increases for tenants with no lease agreement (on a month-to-month space rental) are limited to 75% of the increase in the Consumer Price Index for Riverside County. Special "hardship rent increases" may be granted by the Mobile Home Fair Parks and Fair Practices Commission to park owners if their Net Operating Income falls below certain levels due to increased operating expenses of the park compared to rental income.


Non-Principal Residence Defined: Exemption

A mobile home is considered the principal residence of the homeowner unless a review of state or county records demonstrate that the homeowner is receiving a homeowner’s exemption for another property or mobile home in California, or unless a review of public records reasonably demonstrates that the principal residence of the homeowner is out of state or out of country.

If a mobile home space within a mobile home park is not the principal residence of the homeowner and the homeowner has not rented the mobile home to another party, it is not subject the City’s rent control ordinance (Civil Code § 798.17).


Outside of Rent Control Enforcement on non-tribal land, the City does not mediate in Tenant/Landlord disputes, such as landscape rules, pest control, special Capital Improvement assessments, etc.  The City does, however, contract with the INLAND FAIR HOUSING AND MEDIATION BOARD.  The contact number for this agency is (800) 321-0911.  This agency can mediate many Tenant/Landlord disputes, including park conditions and claims of discrimination. 


 The City of Cathedral City does not perform any type of Mobile Home Registration or Title Services, nor does the City maintain any historical information on past transactions, involving Mobile Homes.

Registration and Title issues are handled by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (800) 952-8356, or the California Department of Motor Vehicles depending on the status of your Mobile Home.

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) also maintains a Mobile Home Assistance & Complaint Toll Free Number: (800) 952-5275.

For further information, contact the City of Cathedral City Housing Office at (760) 770-0376, Monday through Thursday between 7 am and 6 p.m. Spanish speaking staff is available.

Or send an email providing your name, address and phone number and someone will respond promptly.