Habitat for Humanity

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Habitat LogoHabitat for Humanity is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that assists families with very low incomes to construct their own homes with affordable financing raised through donation to habitat. Since the families repay only the borrowed principle amount (without interest), the payments on their new home are usually considerably less than the rent they were previously paying. The repayment of principle is re-invested by Habitat in additional self-help homes.

Housing Department Role

The Redevelopment Agency has provided the sites for homes constructed in Cathedral City. The homes constructed through Habitat are an extremely cost-effective method for the Redevelopment Agency to provide ownership opportunities for hard-working but very-low-income families.

To inquire about the program, contact Habitat at (760) 342-2243 or Coachella Valley Housing Coalition at (760) 347-3157 or send email with name, address, phone number and question.