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Assessment District Fee Assistance Program (A.D.F.A.P.)


Description of the Program

ADFAP LogoFunded by the Redevelopment Agency's Affordable Housing Set Aside Funds, this program provides reimbursement of up to 100% of the sewer and street improvement assessment that is include in the annual property tax statement. You will qualify for this type of assistance one time per year. Tax statements are usually mailed out by the County of Riverside by October and April.

Other Information

If you are awarded this assistance, a check will be sent payable to you in your name. It will be your responsibility to apply the money toward your tax bill, if it is paid separate from your Mortgage. The city will not be responsible in any way to contact your mortgage company or the Riverside County Tax Assessor concerning your property taxes.

In order to receive the assistance check in time to meet the December 10, property tax deadline, you must obtain and return a completed application form with the required documentation to City Hall before November 1.

The program expires for the CURRENT FISCAL TAX YEAR on May 30. If we do not receive your completed application in City Hall by May 1, you MAY NOT be eligible for the assistance. ("Current Fiscal Tax Year" coincides with the year stated on your property tax statement i.e., July 1999 through June 2000 etc.)

We will analyze the county tax records in June, to confirm that you used this assistance to pay your property taxes in a timely manner. If your taxes are delinquent, you will not be eligible for future assistance benefits until any back taxes are paid. If your Assessment for this year has not been paid within three (3) months of the close of the current fiscal tax year, the City of Cathedral City may take legal action to recover the funds that were entrusted to you.


  • Be the Owner/Occupant of the Home.
  • The Property be your permanent primary residence.
  • The total income of all members of the household does not exceed 80% or 120% of the median income for the region.
  • Submission of documents:
    • copy of property tax statement
    • grant deed
    • most recent federal tax returns
    • social security benefit statement (if applicable)
    • bank monthly mortgage statement
    • signed/notarized covenant
    • current drivers license or I.D.
    • Homeowners insurance

(if you have applied for the program in the past, you are only required to bring current property tax bill, currently yearly income, homeowners insurance, bank monthly mortgage statement, and current drivers license or I.D).

For further information or an application, contact Office of Housing Assistance at (760) 770-0376 or send an email with your name, address, and phone number.