Casas San Miguel de Allende

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(special needs housing)

Casas San MiguelCasas San Miguel encompasses three sites in our "Cove" area in Cathedral City. An abandoned, vacant motel was rehabilitated to provide nine of the units. The remainder of the project's 39 units were built on two infill lots and were the first new residential units to be built in the neighborhood in the past 30 years. The building forms and design themes are consistent with the cornerstone of our redevelopment effort, our new Civic Center, located three blocks away. Moreover, since the project opened, we have observed that several scattered properties in the immediate neighborhood are being upgraded - including painting, site clean-up and building renovation and additions.

Besides physically enhancing the exiting neighborhood fabric, Casas San Miguel strengthens the social fabric of the community by reducing homelessness and addressing the needs of persons with HIV/AIDS. The project is the testament to the vision of the Coachella Valley Housing Coalition, in partnership with Desert AIDS project, to combine housing and supportive services to empower residents suffering from chronic illnesses. The city provided financial assistance through the Redevelopment Agency and CDBG funds.

Casas San Miguel exemplifies a project which meets multiple community objectives, including: affordable housing for persons with special needs; on-site integration of social services; collaboration; and neighborhood rehabilitation and revitalization. It has received a nomination for the Maxwell Award.

The waiting list varies, but is usually 3-4 months, sometimes even longer. Please contact the Office of Housing Assistance at (760) 770-0376 for further information.