Report Nuisance Water and Illegal Dumping

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Who to call:

If you need to report an issue regarding nuisance water and/or illegal dumping, please use the following links:

Drinking Water (Water Treatment and Distribution System)

Water Wasters (Non conservation of drinking water)

Wastewater (Raw sewage spills)

Storm Water (Storm drains, illegal dumping in drains, retention ponds)

Illegal Dumping (Trash in street or Parkway)

Solid Waste Disposal (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle Waste)

Air Quality (Odor, smoke or dust)

Pesticide Applications (Pesticide Use Enforcement)

Toxic Substances (Illegal dumping of chemicals)

Environmental Health (Drinking Water, Hazardous Materials, Solid Waste)

California Vector Control District (Mosquito Abatement)