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In January 2003, Cathedral City adopted the Coachella Valley Dust Control Ordinance.
The Coachella Valley Dust Control Ordinance requires:
  • All sites requiring a grading permit, or that involve more than 5,000 square feet of soil disturbance, or import/export more than 100 cubic yards of material per day must prepare and have a Fugitive Dust Control Plan approved by the permitting authority (Chapter 3).
  • At least one of the Coachella Valley Best Available Control Measures (CV BACM) is required to be implemented for each fugitive dust source category. (Chapter 2)
  • CV BACM must be implemented such that the applicable performance standards (e.g., visible emissions not to exceed 100 feet or 20 percent opacity, or cross any property line, etc.) are met. 
  • A description of the performance standards and applicable test methods is included in Chapter 8 of the Coachella Valley Fugitive Dust Control Plan Handbook. The Handbook is available at the Fugitive Dust Control Class. 
  • Any Individual responsible for preparing a PM10 plan must possess a Certificate of Attendance for the Coachella Valley Fugitive Dust Control Class. 
  • Any Person performing any site grading, whether Contractor or Owner, must posses a Certificate of Attendance for the Coachella Valley Fugitive Dust Control Class or designate an Individual who has a Certificate of Attendance to represent them by completing the Owner Designee (OD) form. 
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