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68700 Avenida Lalo Guerrero
Cathedral City, CA 92234
Phone: 760-770-0340
Fax: 760-202-1460
Email the Planning Department


7:00am - 5:00 pm 
Monday - Thursday 

Closed Fridays

 Department Summary

The Engineering Department reviews and checks grading plans, street and drainage plans and issues public encroachment permits and utility permits related to private development. The Department maintains a variety of engineering records, maps, plans and other technical reports and documents. It provides a wide variety of technical support and assistance to other departments and divisions throughout the City.

Engineering also assures that all private street improvements are designed and installed in accordance with City standards and codes and to assure compliance with the State Subdivision Map Act. This activity includes setting development conditions for improvements and dedications, the processing of street and easement vacation requests, lot line adjustments, parcel mergers and the preparation and processing of varied dedications and conveyances of land and easements to the City for public uses. It also includes record map checking, as well as improvement plan checking and review.

The Department provides ongoing traffic engineering services to the City. These include conducting speed surveys, traffic counts, investigating traffic safety problem areas, accident data review, making recommendations for solutions and other related studies and programs. Based on these studies and data, public works projects are initiated to improve public street safety.

Activities and their objectives

  • Attends regular and special Council meetings as requested by City Council or City Manager.
  • Provides consultation and legal advice, both orally and in writing, as requested by City Council or City Manager.
  • Provides legal support, including legal advice and civic and criminal litigations, for the enforcement of City codes.

In coordination with the City Council

  • Prepares ordinances, resolutions, agreements and other documents as needed.
  • Council and City Manager, manages the overall legal affairs of the City.
  • Provides other legal services as needed by the City Council or City Manager.

Engineering Department Staff

Staff Member contact
John A. Corella, P.E.
Director of Engineering/Public Works
Crystal Sandoval
Assistant Engineer


Vincent Lopez
Senior Administrative Analyst
Shawn Maddox
Development Project Manager
760-770-0325 (Office)
760-770-0367 (Inspection Line)

David Faessel, P.E.
Civil Engineer
Robert Mohler
Traffic Consultant