Common Code Violations

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The Code Compliance Division is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of citizens through education and fair and consistent enforcement of city codes. These ordinances address a variety of concerns including blight, unsanitary conditions, fire hazards, and unsafe structures. Left unmanaged, these issues can lead to public health hazards as well as conditions that impact the property values in your neighborhood.

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Garbage containers; Trash containers should not be stored in front or side yards visible to the public or neighboring properties. They should be put away within 12 hours after service. CCMC 9.86.040 Class C (G) & CCMC 13.80.090 & CCMC 6.04.060.


Household items on curb; leaving furniture, carpet, televisions or any other unwanted items on the curb is unsightly. Please call Burrtec at (760) 340-2113) or email to schedule a bulky item pickup. They will pick up 4 scheduled items a week. The items can only be placed on the curb on the morning of the scheduled pickup. 6.04.090 Non-compactible solid waste.


Improper refuse disposal / Bulky items, improper storage of trash; property must be kept free of accumulation of trash, junk and debris. Garbage must be contained in a designated area on your property that is not in public view or view of your neighbor. All garbage except non-compactible waste must be contained in approved containers with lids as described in CCMC 6.04 Refuse disposal.


Inoperative Vehicles; some signs of an inoperative vehicle are flat tires, junk and trash stored on or in the vehicle, missing windows, bumpers or headlights, excessive dirt, plant material, cobwebs and debris under the vehicle. Storage of registered or unregistered abandoned, wrecked, dismantled or inoperative vehicles or parts on private or public property is unpermitted. Your vehicle is inoperative if you cannot legally operate it on the street as described in CCMC 11.80 Abandoned vehicles.


Visual Blight; Blight caused by unfinished home improvements, excessive outside storage of household items, junk and trash and or as described in CCMC 13.80.115 Visual blight.


Landscaping; Landscape must have approved ground cover such as turf, decorative rock and must have shrubs, trees and other plants that are kept trimmed and in healthy condition. Trees and shrubs must not grow over into the sidewalk or street. Weeds should be removed. CCMC 13.80.030 Landscaping.


Parking; Vehicles are required to park on the existing driveway or paved parking surface composed of concrete. Parking on unimproved surfaces such as grass, desert landscape or dirt is not permitted.


Commercial Vehicle Parking; within residential zoning districts, the parking of commercial vehicles is limited to one (1) commercial vehicle with a manufacture’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of not more than ten thousand (10,000) pounds and it must be legally parked on the property.


Property address; your property address should be displayed on the property and the numbers large enough to see from the middle of the street. Your address should be illuminated so emergency personnel can find your home at night in case of an emergency. Addresses on the curbs and mail boxes are not legible if vehicles are parked in front of them.


Home Occupations; operating any business out of a residential dwelling must have a business license and a home occupation permit. Some businesses are not permitted. There are also guidelines that must be followed as described in CCMC 9.70 Home occupations.


Illegal signs; sign ordinance change often. If you think a sign is illegal, you can check the code or call the City Planning Department 760-770-0340. See CCMC 9.62 Signs.


Sleeping in vehicles; RV’s included. CCMC 11.04.030 Sleeping in vehicles—Prohibited in public places.

Vacant Lots; Property owners are required to keep their vacant lots clear from excessive weeds, trash, junk and debris. 13.80.220 Weed abatement, 13.80.225 Rubbish, refuse and dirt.


Stagnant water; mosquito breeding Failure to maintain your pool in healthy condition is described in CCMC 13.80.120 Swimming pools, ponds and other bodies of water or CCMC 13.80.165 Mosquito breeding places.


Illegal dumping; dumping anything, including dirt or grass clippings on a vacant lot is illegal. If you see someone dumping on a lot call the police 760-770-0300. If there is dumping of bulky items, tires or electronic waste and it is near the curb call Cathedral City’s Environmental Conservation Manager at 760-770-0369.


Disruptive activities; Disrupting the neighborhood by repeated nuisance activities is not permitted. Including, but not limited to loud parties, police detentions, arrests, assaults and batteries, vandalism, littering, loud noise, illegal parking, curfew violations. See CCMC 13.80.140 Disruptive activities for information.


State Housing Law; If you are renting and your landlord has not made repairs you feel they are responsible for you should contact The State of California Department of Consumer Affairs. They can provide you with a guide for landlords and tenants. This guide will assist you in getting what you need corrected. If your landlord still does not make repairs the Code Compliance Division may be able to assist you. The California State Housing Law and the maintenance of these structures are indicated in the California Health & Safety Code 17920.3.


Garage Sales: residents may have a permitted garage sale every 90 days. Permits may be obtained at Cathedral City Code Compliance located at 68700 Avenida Lalo Guerrero in Suite B. You must show bona fide identification showing your photo, name and address where the garage sale will be held. The signs provided with the permit are the only signs you are permitted to use. Posting any signs on city street signs, telephone poles, signal boxes or light poles is prohibited. CCMC 5.35 Garage sales.


Illegal Garage Conversions and other added structures; you should always contact the City Building Department at 760-770-0340 before altering, adding and building onto your home and garage. Some sheds may need permits and there are specific locations you can build your shed. Other structures include fences and pools. 13.80.105 Illegal, nonconforming building or structure.


Abandoned homes; property owners and managers including realtors are responsible for the security of the homes they own or manage. If you notice an abandoned house that needs to be boarded up call Code Compliance 760-770-0309. CCMC 13.80.080 Abandoned Buildings.