Cathedral City Pride Neighborhood Focus Program

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Ask yourself - are you PROUD of your neighborhood and how it looks? Is it apparent that people who live there care about their homes? Is your own home well-groomed and does it reflect your feelings of pride in your community?

Cathedral City PRIDE is a neighborhood focus program aimed at improving our neighborhoods by working in partnership with property owners and area residents to instill a sense of pride in where we live; to clean up neighborhoods, and to make certain that communities are in compliance with City Code, which in turn protects the community from blight and contributes to a healthy and safe environment.

Prior to code compliance officers auditing a neighborhood, a post card advisory is mailed to each area resident notifying them that compliance inspections in their neighborhood will begin soon. In addition, it provides information on common code violations and asks them to evaluate their property and work to correct any violations that may exist. All neighborhoods throughout the entire city are included in the program and each one will be proactively audited on a continuous rotational basis.

Show that YOU have PRIDE in Cathedral City!
Take a moment to evaluate your property and work to correct any violations you may have.

For your convenience, please use our online complaint form or GoRequest Mobile App to report a suspected code violation. Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.