Solar Photovoltaic FAQs

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The following is a list of Frequently asked questions relalting to Photovoltaic plans, plan check submittals and installation. 
Question Response
Office Hours
Counter Hours
Mon-Thurs, 7:00am – 6:00pm
Mon-Thurs, 7:00am – 5:00pm (No permits issued after 5:00pm)
Plan Check
Staff will plan check all residential solar plans.
Commercial solar plans may be outsourced to our consultant.
Number of Copies required / Size of Plans 3 sets of plans, Minimum 11” x 17” must be legible. 2 sets of all structural calculations. Plan sizes larger than 11x17 are discouraged and may be returned.
Fee  Based on Permit Valuation and Size of Panels
Plan Check Time Needed 3 Weeks
Nonprofit discount or waive No
Published Solar Guideline No
Credit Card payment Yes
Plan Information Needed Rafter section Yes Attachment detail Yes
Property line Yes Elevation Yes
Permit submittal methods In Person or Mail
Permit - Design Temperatures 114 - 122 degrees
Permit - Design Wind Speed 130mph / Exposure C
Permit - Set-Backs Required? Per CalFire - 3’ from Ridge
Permit -
HOA Approval Required?
Yes, if within HOA Community
Permit -
Special Signage Requirements
Inspection -
Pre-inspection required?
Inspection -
Does The Fire department inspect residential solar installations?


  1. We use the 2013 Cal Electrical Code Article 690.
  2. We are using the 2013 C.B.C. and  2013 C.E.C.
  3. *If mailing a permit, contact the Building Department prior at 760-770-0340.
  4. All structural calculations, roof loads, wind speed and seismic shall be stamped and wet signed by a California licensed structural engineer.
  5. Line side taps are reviewed and approved on a case by case basis; SCE requirements apply.
    1. SCE Requirements:
      1. A document from the manufacturer of the existing panel indicating the modification or connection to the source side of that panel does not violate the rating of the panel.
      2. UL certification of the proposed modification or connection to the customer's main circuit breaker of the existing panel.
      3. Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NTRL) certification of the modification or connection to the source side of the customer's main service panel.
  6. You may derate the service panel (example, 200 amp down to 175 amp).
  7. Fire submittal non-required
  8. All plans to be wet signed by the preparer.
  9. A single-line diagram is required.
  10. Ensure that the following items are clearly documented as General Notes (preferably on the Cover Page):
    1. Solar panels shall not be placed over any plumbing or mechanical vents.
    2. If existing ground (Ufer) is inaccessible, a separate grounding electrode shall be installed.
    3. PV System identification placard shall be mechanically attached to MSP enclosure.
    4. 130mph wind speed shall be used for the design of roof mount PV arrays.