Estimated Development Fees

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The following information shows you what fees may apply to your project. In addition to the Building Department, you may be required to pay fees to Planning and Engineering.

In addition to City fees, you may have to pay other fees associated with development which are collected by other jurisdictional agencies or utility companies. Please contact these agencies for any fees they may require for the development of your project.

Building Department (760) 770-0340
Burrtec Waste & Recycling (760) 340-2113
C.V.W.D. – Sewer/Water
   (East or North of Whitewater Channel)
(760) 398-2651
Desert Water Agency – Sewer/Water
   (West or South of Whitewater Channel)
(760) 323-4971
Palm Springs Unified School District (760) 327-1581
Riverside County Flood Control District (909) 275-1200
Southern California Edison Company – Electric Power (800) 442-4950
Southern California Gas Company (800) 292-0713
Verizon – Telephone Service (760) 320-8810
Time Warner Cable (760) 340-2225

Many of these fees may be determined by knowing the location of your project, number of units and square footage. The Building Permit Coordinator will be able to help you with the current fees at any given time and should enable you to “ballpark” a project cost. Actual fees may vary significantly from the “ballpark” figure depending on the exact composition of a particular project. Since some fees are site specific, not all of the fees listed below may be charged.

Plan Check Fees Fees are 65% of the Building Permit Fee.
Building Permit Fee is based on the total value of the project. Value will be declared value or assessed value based on a cost per square foot as published in the current issue of Building Standards Magazine. Fee will include Building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and fire sprinkler systems. Fees are itemized in the Administrative Code.
S.M.I.P A State of California tax used to fund the Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (Earthquake Study).
Grading Permit Fee is based on the total yardage being moved, includes cut, fill and import.
Microfilm Fee is charged to offset the cost of providing a permanent microfilm record of building activity.
Permit Issuance Fee is a set fee to cover the actual cost of issuing permits.
Police, Fire, Facilities & Signalization Fee is used to provide police and fire stations and install new traffic signals ($150 per 1,000 square feet or fraction thereof).
MSHCP The Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan is to conserve habitat and protect wildlife. Residential construction will be required to pay a per unit fee based on density, and commercial/industrial by acreage ($5,730/acre).
Master Undergrounding Plan Fee is collected on all new construction ($0.15 per square foot of roofed area) and will be used to underground existing overhead utility lines.
Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee (TUMF) Collected by the City and transferred to Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG). The fee varies with the exact uses of the project.
Transit Development Fee Collected by exact location of the project ($5.00 per linear foot of frontage on major or arterial streets).
Park Fees Are City fees collected in specific areas of the city. The amount varies with location.
Art in Public Places Fee 1% of 90% of the total project valuation cost for buildings of 15,000 square feet and over. Fees for additions to existing buildings also apply.
General Plan Maint. Surcharge $.50/$1,000 building permit valuation fee
Building Standards Admin. Fund A state fee associated with Building Standards. Emphasis to be placed on the development of Green Building Standards. Fee calculated at $4.00 per $100,000 in valuation, but not less than $1.00.
City Facilities Impact Fees Fees collected for government services ($1,850 per residential unit and varies per acre for commercial/industrial projects).