Whitewater Channel Bike Trail

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Future Connection to the Proposed CVLink

WHAT:  1 of class 1 bike path and 3000 feet of class II bike lane
WHERE: Along the east side of the Whitewater Channel from Ramon Road to Vista Chino

Design in Winter and Spring of 2009/2010
Construction in Spring of 2017

Project will link to and be the first phase of the proposed CVAG's CV Link Project



Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) Funds were allocated to Cathedral City by Local Agency – State Agreements No. BTA 08/09-08-RIV-01 and No. BTA 09/10-08-RIV-05 for the Bicycle Transportation Account projects defined as Whitewater River Bike Trail Phase 1 and Phase 2. The funds were allocated to the City in 2009 and 2010. The original goal of these projects was to help complete the City’s section of the Coachella Valley Regional Bikeway and to create a safe and convenient route for commuter and recreational bicyclists traveling to and from work and school.

The original alignment for the bike trail was along the east levee of the Whitewater River between Vista Chino and Ramon Road. Planning for the Phase 1 project was underway when it was discovered that the underlying easement for maintenance access on the east levee excluded recreational uses and would require new leases from tribal alottees. The alignment also generated considerable opposition from residents of Desert Princess. As a result, requests were made to Caltrans to move the bike trail to the west levee. Caltrans approved the requests and planning was ready to restart when CVAG unveiled the project now known as CV Link.

The CV Link project is a proposed multi-modal transportation facility along the same, west levee alignment. Since CV Link was originally scheduled to start construction in 2015, discussions were held with CVAG to use the Bicycle Transportation Account grants as part of the funding for CV Link. The BTA Grants contain reversion dates by which funds must be expended or the money returns to Caltrans. The reversion date for the 08/09 Grant is April 2016. As a result of delays in the CV Link schedule the City is required to spend the funds over the next ten months or lose them. 


The project will benefit bicycle commuters and recreational riders by providing a safe, more direct route to schools and other destinations. It will also connect to the regional bikeway networks.  


Project Documents

Artists Concept (JPG)

Workshop Presentation (PDF)

WWCBT Workshop

Trail Alignment (JPG)
Trail Alignment



Name / Title Company Phone
John A. Corella, P.E.,  City Engineer City of Cathedral City (760) 770-0327
Paul Mangaudis, P.E.,  Senior Engineer City of Cathedral City (760) 202-2450
Shawn Maddox, Construction Manager City of Cathedral City (760) 770-0325  
Jose Carvajal, President CT&T Concrete Paving, Inc.