Date Palm Drive Bridge Widening

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Over the Whitewater River

 What:  Bridge Widening and Seismic Retrofit
 Where:  Date Palm Drive, Over the Whitewater River

 The purpose of the project is to help reduce congestion and improve safety on Date Palm Drive by widening the existing Bridge from 4 to 6 lanes. 

  • Rehabilitate the existing bridge deck;
  • Widen bridge width from four to six lanes within the existing right-of-way;
  • Replace deficient portions of the existing structure; and
  • Include highway safety measures, such as adding sidewalks, matching medians, railings and approaches, which will enhance highway safety.

Scope of work: The proposed bridge widening is at the Whitewater River and the roadway and sidewalk improvements are located along Date Palm Drive between Gerald Ford Drive and the Tahquitz Storm Channel. The limits of the work are as indicated on the plans. In general, the work to be done consists of furnishing all labor, materials, necessary tools, equipment, supervision, and all utility and transportation services required to perform bridge widening and roadway improvements, retaining walls, install ADA compliant sidewalks and ramps, new and modified medians, traffic signal modification, landscaping and irrigation along medians and parkways, drainage improvements and related and appurtenant facilities.

Funding Sources:

  • Local Funds
  • Measure "A"
  • Transportation Uniform Mitigation Form 
  • Highway Bridge Project

Project Documents

 Construction Management
LIVE webcam

Project Photos

Date Palm Drive Bridge

Date Palm Drive Bridge West

Date Palm Drive Bridge East

Project Contacts:

 Name Title  Phone 
 John Corella, PE    City Engineer  (760) 770-0349
 Jay Cregger  Riverside Project Manager  (909) 772-8155
 Amy Griffin  Falcon Engineering  (714) 393-1738