Report Graffiti

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Graffiti is a CRIME. If you see someone painting/drawing graffiti call 9-1-1. Give the location and description of the person committing the crime. Your anonymous call will help the Police Dept. and keep your neighborhood crime free.

  • Call the Graffiti Hotline to report graffiti. This is a Voicemail System checked throughout the day.
  • Call the Graffiti Hotline to report graffiti on private property—walls, fences, buildings, but not homes.
  • Give the street location, corner or address of the site. Please leave your phone number so we may contact you if we have questions. Your number is for internal use only to be in contact with you.
  • Graffiti on public property: street signs, sidewalks, utility boxes and City buildings -call the Public Works Dept. at 770-0390.

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