Short-term Vacation Rental Hotline

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While a vacation rental unit is rented, the owner, the owner’s authorized agent or representative and/or the owner’s designated local contact person shall be available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week for the purpose of responding within forty-five minutes to complaints regarding the condition, operation, or conduct of occupants of the vacation rental unit or their guests.

In those instances where a citizen has a complaint regarding the condition, operation or conduct of occupants (guests), the City has a Vacation Rental HOTLINE for citizens to register complaints, such as property registration, noise, occupancy, parking, and/or trash. Each rental property is required to post a copy of Cathedral City's Good Neighbor Brochure.

The HOTLINE is accessible 24/7/365 at 760-553-1031.

  • Please call during the event. Let us know if you want a call back with a resolution.
  • Please do not call the Police in a non-emergency situation.

In addition, the GORequest application has a drop down option for reporting any Vacation Rental Issues and/or to request a city service.