Council Goals 2019

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Council Goals - 2019


    • Work with tribal officials to insure a smooth planning and development process so that the Casino can break ground as soon as possible.
    • Facilitate a quicker completion of Economic Development deals by reviewing economic development policies and priorities by February 28
      • Finalize the 13.5-acre transaction
      • Work to fill empty store fronts as well as develop new construction
      • Engage with Riverside County officials to bring the proposed RUHS medical clinic to Cathedral City
      • Work with County agencies, area non-profits and the local CCCC to open a job training and resource center
    • Demonstrate the City’s commitment to the Auto Dealers by attending the monthly meeting of their association with the objective that each councilmember will go at least once in 2019
    • Bring in new businesses to diversify the local economy and consider incentives from cannabis revenues
    • Review the status of the cannabis industry in Cathedral City including a report on applications in progress and operating businesses
    • Develop an Ambassador program to welcome new businesses and residents to the City


    • Provide an update on the Pavement Management plan to the Council by April 30, including financing recommendations to repair our streets such as the development of a street assessment district
    • Develop plans to improve the Date Palm entry to city
      • Address general plan property designations and the zoning of parcels along the west side of Date Palm from Vista Chino to 30th
      • Improve drainage in flood prone areas
    • Develop plans to address infrastructure north of Ramon Road near the Dream Homes neighborhood, especially during or in advance of the planned road work in the area
    • Develop plans to address infrastructure north of I-10
    • Explore a sewer assessment district in the neighborhood near Ocotillo Park
    • Look at ways to improve access to broadband internet service in the City
    • Advance the Duvall interchange through the CVAG planning and approval processes


    • Revisit the parks maintenance portion of the LLD assessments for Panorama and Century Parks including identifying ways to equalize how parks maintenance and parks improvements are funded throughout the City
    • Include funding in future budgets to reduce pension unfunded liability
    • Develop future budgets to increase reserves


  3. (A) POLICE
  • Research concerns and develop recommendations for police staffing, equipment and facilities
  • Continue to build Police strength and special skills teams
  • Discuss with the Chief ways in which police may be able to assist with code enforcement
  • Review with the Chief and Finance the benefits and costs of a north end police substation
  1. (B) FIRE
    • Research concerns regarding fire staffing and develop plans to improve diversity in the department
    • Start construction on the new Fire station in 2019
    • Review the staffing and management structure of the code department and consider adding additional staff
    • Provide a review of ways to improve Code Enforcement in Cathedral City including:
      • Creating a volunteer code enforcement on patrol program
      • Moving code enforcement from a complaint-based focus to an education/program-based focus

  3. PARKS
    • Open the high school pool to the community during the summer
    • Review the Parks and Recreation Master Plan and related policies:
      • Site family-friendly amenities such as dog park, trails, community center near where most people live
      • Pursue annexation into the Desert Recreation District
    • Offer smaller scale family-friendly events at local parks
    • Develop a financing and construction plan for a community center
    • Work on grants and other funding options for the Dog park, Dream Homes park and the 1000 Trees initiative


    • Place an emphasis on diversity in hiring and promotions and achieve a 100% score on the HRC Municipal Equality Index
    • Develop and implement an Employee appreciation program for all departments including planning, building, engineering and code, and let the community know about employee achievements and recognition
    • Prepare a presentation for Council review on the costs and benefits of implementing a 5-day week for city hall
    • Integrate code enforcement into the volunteer process


    • Increase funding to address homelessness through CVRM and other regional partners and work on City programs for the homeless
    • Work with developers to bring affordable housing construction to the City


    • Providing an update on short-term vacation rental regulation and enforcement efforts
    • Tightening control on cannabis odor violations
    • Do not lose sight of past Council goals
    • Complete the Ophelia Bringas and Greg Pettis legacy reviews
    • Discuss term limits for council members
    • Engage residents to be more active in our community through civic affairs and volunteering

2019 City Council Goals

On-Going Items from Previous Goals

  1. Quality of Life – Develop and improve options and opportunities to enhance the quality of life for the people of Cathedral City.
    • Make an improved effort to promote Commission seats to youth in the community.
    • Work with CVAG to encourage that the next CV Link section to be built continues south from Ramon.
    • Develop plans for a CV Link destination feature at the Date Palm entrance to the facility.
    • Continue to explore the possibility of annexing into the Desert Recreation District and develop plans to improve recreation opportunities in the community.
    • Work with the Palm Springs Unified School District and the Desert Recreation District to identify options and the costs of operating the CCHS pool for public use in the summer months.
    • Use volunteers and interns to supplement staff and provide learning opportunities.
    • Continue to implement the Fire and Police strategic plans and staffing recommendations as financially feasible and develop an over-hire policy so replacements are trained and ready to go when a vacancy occurs.
    • Continue to evaluate and improve community events.

  2. Economic and Community Development – Promote quality development in Cathedral City to improve economic opportunity for all residents and improve the appearance of the community.
    • Develop tools and incentives such as density transfers and others to help promote quality development in the City and apply as appropriate.
    • Work with College of the Desert staff and secure a location for the auto tech center in Cathedral City.
    • Work with Riverside County on the location of a County medical and services center in Cathedral City.
    • Develop and make available a tax sharing program to assist with infrastructure costs for new development in the North City area.
    • Promote a business-friendly approach in Economic Development and Community Development.
    • Keep downtown as a development focus.
    • Use community events to invite and entertain Economic Development clients.

  3. Housing and Homelessness – Promote the development of new housing in the community.
    • Work to promote the completion of the Landau veteran’s housing project with the goal of starting construction by 2020.
    • Work with regional partners to address homelessness in the community with the goal of reducing the number of homeless persons in Cathedral City.
    • Work with the property owners and governmental agencies to identify funding options for the renovation of the Cathedral Palms housing.

  4. Infrastructure – Improve public infrastructure in the community.
    • Analyze street maintenance needs as identified in the Pavement Management plan and develop plans to address.
    • Work to push the DaVall interchange through the regional planning and funding processes.

  5. Community and Business Relations – Provide information to the community and opportunities for individuals and businesses to interact with their City government.
    • Evaluate the possibility and costs of a program to seed a college fund for public school kindergartners.
    • Continue outreach to the Latino-owned businesses in the community.
    • Work with state agencies and other cities to seek a solution to provide for banking services for the cannabis industry.
    • Work with an identified community group seeking to establish a job resource center and identify other resources through the County or other agencies that may be available.
    • Focus on business retention and growth of existing businesses.