City Council Goals 2017

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On January 28, 2017 the City Council held a Planning and Goal Setting Workshop to establish goals for 2017.  Establishing goals and priorities that are clear is the most effective way for business to be conducted by the City.  Many of the goals identified by the City Council can be achieved with existing resources, however, in those cases where additional resources are required, the need will be addressed through the development of the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

The City Council has identified the following items, by category, as their Goals for 2017:

  1.  Economic and Community Development
    • Modify the City service contract with the Chamber of Commerce to require increased Chamber outreach to all Cathedral City businesses, with a particular emphasis on Latino-owned businesses, and promotion of business workshops
    • Participate in franchisee events and explore ways to get franchise information to the community
    • Complete a comprehensive update to the General Plan over the next two fiscal years.
    • Continue to make downtown development a priority
    • Modify the North City plans and corresponding zoning to update the uses allowed and to better reflect market realities
    • Continue discussions with College of the Desert regarding options available to the College in Cathedral City
    • Pursue a longer term arrangement with the Palm Springs International Film Festival
    • Nurture positive relationships with the auto dealers
    • Work with the business community to promote local hiring
    • Review the downtown zoning districts and the mountain side zoning moving east from the Cove
    • Explore tourism opportunities with our sister city of Tequila, Jalisco and talk to the Convention and Visitors Bureau to seek assistance in expanding air service
    • Increase involvement with the CVB to make sure Cathedral City is included in their ads
    • Identify and reach out to developers who specialize in reinventing outdated retail spaces
    • Pursue the establishment of a Business Improvement District for small hotel properties
    • Develop a contract for design services related to potential Perez Road improvements
    • Develop a plan to process in appropriate phases with the annexation of Thousand Palms
    • Support the Chamber and Rotary in the development of a new Bike Race event


  2.  Public Safety
    • To the extent financially possible implement the recommendations of the Police and Fire strategic plans
    • Evaluate options to provide Public Safety services to other communities or to form other joint services partnerships
    • Focus efforts on reducing property crime


  3.  Community Engagement and Community Relations
    • Fund the plan to have our three signature events presented by private promoters with the City as title sponsor and implement the plan to improve communications efforts
    • Make a major effort to replace and update television equipment by December of 2017 and expand programming on Channel 17 and other available outlets
    • Conduct the Community Benefits Agreements stakeholder’s workshop in conjunction with the identified contractor
    • Identify sites available, costs and constraints related to a possible Community Center
    • Schedule a joint Council/Commission meeting with the Planning Commission, Arts Commission and Parks and Community Events Commission
    • Rename the streets adjacent to the schools, which have no residences addressed on them, to reflect the school mascot


  4.  Infrastructure
    • Evaluate ways to address infrastructure needs in ways that will promote business development
    • Participate in Riverside County efforts to improve communications access in the County
    • Identify sites and develop plans for a new Public Works facility
    • Complete the relocation of Fire Station 411
    • Evaluate options for electrical service in the community
    • Report to Council on the engineer’s study on a city-wide assessment district and other methods to address pavement management funding needs


  5.  Governance
    • Continue to explore the possibility of joining the Desert Recreation District
    • Work with the Health Care District on park grant opportunities
    • Develop a local procurement ordinance and complete other items required to implement the City Charter


  6.  Financial Strength
  • Complete the selection and installation of new financial software
  • Develop a facilities and equipment restoration and replacement plan
  • Develop and adopt a balanced budget for the FY17-18 and 18-19 biennium

 Quarterly updates will be taken to the City Council providing a status of the implementation of each goal.