Architectural Review Committee Description of Duties

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The Architectural Review Committee is an advisory body to the Planning Commission, which is responsible for reviewing architectural and landscaping design for all new commercial and multi-family residential projects, major commercial remodels and administrative design review applications.


The Committee shall be composed of five members selected by the City Council; a licensed architect, a licensed landscaped architect and three at large members. The City Council may waive the residency requirements for the architect and landscape architect if the City Council determines it is in the best interest of the City to appoint a non-resident.


For 2017, three of the initial Committee members shall be appointed to serve a three-year term and two of the initial committee members shall be appointed to serve a two-year term so that thereafter the terms are staggered. The appointment of a non-resident shall be limited to a term of one year.

Typical Duties

The Architectural Review Committee shall review projects for compliance with the applicable provisions of the Development Code. The Committee will ensure the following:

1.            That all projects will create an image with a high degree of quality that improves the built environment, and incorporates quality amenities with regard to architecture, landscaping, and the streetscape.

2.            That effective design guidelines are created and to assist in the formulation of policy and code    amendments related to architectural design and landscaping.

3.            That its recommendations are forwarded to the Planning Commission regarding the architectural design and landscaping for all development projects.

Desirable Qualifications

A member of the Architectural Review Committee should have a proven interest in the City’s physical environment and the ability to make positive and fair aesthetic evaluations.

Suggested qualifications for the Committee include:

  • An interest in architectural and site design, landscaping, construction or similar area.
  • A willingness to assist in the development of architectural and design guidelines and standards.
  • A willingness to attend night meetings on a regular basis. The meetings are held as necessary to fulfill the Committee’s duties.
  • The ability to sustain harmonious working relationships with Committee members, the Planning Commission, staff, applicants and the public.