City Attorney

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City Attorney
Eric S. Vail 
Burke, Williams & Sorensen
1600 Iowa Avenue, Suite 250 | Riverside, CA 92507-7426 
t - 951.788.0100 | f - 951.788.5785 External Link Icon

Department Summary

City Attorney services provides routine general legal services to the City and its subsidiary organizations, such as the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency and Community Services District.

Activities and their objectives

  • Attends regular and special Council meetings as requested by City Council or City Manager.
  • Provides consultation and legal advice, both orally and in writing, as requested by City Council or City Manager
  • Provides legal support, including legal advice and civic and criminal litigations, for the enforcement of City codes
  • Prepares ordinances, resolutions, agreements and other documents as needed
  • In coordination with the City Council and City Manager, manages the overall legal affairs of the City
  • Provides other legal services as needed by the City Council or City Manager

Special Legal Services

Special Legal Services provides for legal services -- primarily outside litigation -- needed by the City and its subsidiary organizations, that are not provided under the routine City Attorney program.

Activities And Their Objectives

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