Transportation Permit FAQ's

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Why do I need a transportation permit?

Transportation Permits are needed to ensure oversized loads are routed properly through the City.   Oversized loads can also require pilot cars to ensure the public is aware of their presence. 

Transportation Permits are issued for extra sized legal loads.  The dimensions for legal loads are 14' high or less, 8'-6" wide or less and 40' long or less.  Anything over these dimensions requires a transportation permit. 

How do I obtain a permit?

Permits for transportation can be obtained several ways:

  • Email:  Email your application to the Cathedral City Engineering Department using the email address below. We will process your application as quick as possible. Approval time is not guaranteed and could take a day to process.
  • Counter:  Applications can be accepted over the counter. Due to work loads and staffing, permits are not necessarily issued "while you wait". All transporters are required to have current auto liability insurance on file.  The City does not require being named additional insured.

How much does it cost?

  • Single load permit (1 trip) fee is  $16.00. If the transporter is making two or more trips with the same vehicle to the same location the moves can be put on the same permit but the permit fee needs to reflect this, (example: two trips, permit fee is $32.00).  The permit must be filled out with all the required information and a complete route.  Permits are good for 6 days from the date of issue. 
  • Annual Permit Fee is $90.00.   This permit will always begin with the letter A followed by the number.  A copy of the State Permit is required to go along with our permit.  The annual permit is issued, except for the dates, exactly like the state permit. The permit is good for one year (example: 1/20/2008 – 1/19/2009). If the company already has a permit for the same vehicle on file and it is getting ready to expire the issue date will be from the date the previous permit will expire and give one year from that date.  A copy of a truck route is always given when an annual permit is issued.
How do I pay for my permit?
You may pay for your permit by check (fax-back) or by credit card.
For payments by check, the City requires a copy of the filled out check be faxed to us prior to issuance, as evidence of payment. Once we receive your fax, we can process your application.
Credit card payments are accepted over the counter only. We do not accept credit card payments via the web or by phone.
Of course, if purchasing your permit in person at the Engineering Department counter, faxed copies are not necessary. 
What do I do once I get this permit?
Once you get your permit you can begin transport of your load. 
Additional Questions?
Phone: 760-202-2405
Fax:  760-202-1460