Fee Schedule

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I Final Parcel Maps. $1,560.00 Plus $21.00 Per Lot
  Final Tract Maps. $1,890.00 Plus $21.00 Per Lot
II Plan Check Fees    
  a. Street Improvement Plans
a. 4th resubmittal
$ 200
Plus $683 ea.
Subsequent Sheet
  b. Sewer Improvement Plans
b. 4th resubmittal
$ 200
Plus $683 ea.
Subsequent Sheet
  c. Storm Drain Plans
c. 4th resubmittal
$ 290
Plus $683 ea.
Subsequent Sheet
  d. Water Improvement Plans
d. 4th resubmittal
$ 550
$ 200
Plus $550 ea.
Subsequent Sheet
  e. Sign and Striping Plans
e. 4th resubmittal
$ 410
$ 200
Plus $410 ea.
Subsequent Sheet
  f. Traffic signal / Lighting Plans
f. 4th resubmittal
$ 750
$ 290
Plus $683 ea.
Subsequent Sheet
  g. Professional Report / Plans Review
Soils Reports, Traffic Studies,
Hydrology/Hydrolic reports
Deposit Based Hourly/Varies*
  h. Grading Plan Check Fees.   Hourly/Varies*
III Lot Line Adjustment, Lot Mergers and Certificate of Compliance. $1,070.00 Per Lot Line Adjusted
IV Vacations (Abandonment’s) $450.00 Per Application
V Grading Permit Fees    
  less than 15,000 sf $80.00  
  15,000 sf - 4acres $1,800.00  
  4+ acres $2,000.00  
  Inspection   Hourly/Varies*
  PM 10 Plan Check $570.00  
  PM 10 Refundable Deposit   $2000/acre
VI Reimbursement Agreements $570.00  
VII Vehicle Oversize Permit    
  a. Single Trip $16.00 Each
  b. Annual permit $70.00  

Public Works Permits
a. Issuance Fee
(On all public works permits contained herein)
b. Inspection fees for minor work/value of work under $5,000:    
  1. Barricade $53.00 Each
  2. Catch Basins $79.00 Each
  3. Clean-Outs $79.00 Each
  4. Cross Gutters $79.00
Each Plus
Over 50 Feet
  5. Curb, Curb and Gutter $0.50 Per Lineal Foot
  6. Demolition - Offsite Improvement $53.00  
  7. Demolition - Building   U.B.C. Plus Performance
Bond Per C.B.O.
  8. Driveway approach $53.00 Each

9. Pavement (new)

      a. Up to 50 Sq. Ft.    
      b. 50 to 5,000 Sq. Ft. $105.00  
      c. 5,000 Sq. Ft. and Above $158.00  
  10. Pavement (remove only) $53.00  
  11. Private Pump Stations $525.00 Each
  12. Private Sewer Connections $105.00 Each
  13. Private Manhole $105.00 Each
  14. Private Sewer and Storm Drains $0.50 Per Lineal Foot
  15. Sidewalks $0.20 Per Square Foot
  16. Spandrels $79.00 Plus
  17. Pavement Cuts For Utilities $0.50 Per Lineal Foot
  18. Parkway Trench For Utilities $0.30 Per Lineal Foot
  19. Streetlights $105.00  
  20. Miscellaneous Structures $53.00  
  21. Penalty Fee (work started without a permit)   Double Permit Cost
  Reinspection Fee $250.00  
2 Public And Private Improvement Permits/Value Of Work Over $5,000:    
  a. 3% of first $200,000 improvement costs as estimated by the City Engineer.    
b. When total improvements exceed $200,000 the fee is $6,000 plus 2.5% of improvements cost in excess of $200,000 as estimated by the City Engineer, up to $400,000.    
  c. When total improvement exceed $400,000, the fee is $10,000 plus 13% of improvements costs, as estimated by the City Engineer, above $400,000    

A reinspection fee may be assessed for each inspection or when corrections called for are not made.

This is not to be interpreted as requiring reinspection fees that first time a job is rejected for failure to comply with the approved plans or standard conditions, but as controlling the practice of calling for inspections before the job is ready for such inspection or reinspection.

To obtain a reinspection, the applicant shall file an application therefore in writing upon a form furnished for that purpose and pay the reinspection fee as shown under the inspection fees section.

In instances where reinspection fees have been assessed, no additional inspection of the work shall be performed until the required fees have been paid.