City Council Goals 2018

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On January 27, 2018 the City Council held a Planning and Goal Setting Workshop to establish goals for 2018.  Establishing goals and priorities that are clear is the most effective way for business to be conducted by the City.  Many of the goals identified by the City Council can be achieved with existing resources, however, in those cases where additional resources are required, the need will be addressed through the development of the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

The City Council has identified the following items, by category, as their Goals for 2018:

  1. Quality of Life – Develop and improve options and opportunities to enhance the quality of life for the people of Cathedral City.
    • Develop plans to link downtown facilities, as development occurs, so that pedestrian movement in the area is facilitated.
    • Join the Sister City International organization, form a local committee and consider additional Sister City opportunities.
    • Work with the Palm Springs Unified School District to identify options and the costs of operating the CCHS pool for public use in the summer months.
    • Prepare an item for Council consideration related to a Healthy Cathedral City initiative to provide general fund revenues which might be used to support recreation and pool programs, a community center, the Senior Center and the Boys & Girls Club.
    • Make an improved effort to promote Commission seats to youth in the community.
    • Work with CVAG to encourage that the next CV Link section to be built continues south from Ramon.
    • Develop plans for a CV Link destination feature at the Date Palm entrance to the facility.
    • Continue to explore the possibility of annexing into the Desert Recreation District and develop plans to improve recreation opportunities in the community.
    • Use volunteers and interns to supplement staff and provide learning opportunities.
    • Continue to implement the Fire and Police strategic plans and staffing recommendations as financially feasible and develop an over-hire policy so replacements are trained and ready to go when a vacancy occurs.
    • Develop a plan, including an aggressive fine structure, to address illegal fireworks by May 31, 2018.
    • Continue to evaluate and improve community events.

  2. Economic and Community Development – Promote quality development in Cathedral City to improve economic opportunity for all residents and improve the appearance of the community.
    • Develop options and cost estimates for a Date Palm entry feature of some type to signal entry into the City from I-10.
    • Develop tools and incentives such as density transfers and others to help promote quality development in the City and apply as appropriate.
    • Identify the owners of privately held property near Ramon and Crossley and develop strategies and plans for development.
    • Proceed with the required economic analysis related to the possible annexation of Thousand Palms and then with subsequent engagement with the community.
    • Work with Wells Fargo with the goal of relocating and/or improving their branch facility in Cathedral City.
    • Conduct research and develop a plan for a micro loan program.
    • Work with College of the Desert staff and secure a location for the auto tech center in Cathedral City.
    • Work with Riverside County on the location of a County medical and services center in Cathedral City.
    • Develop and make available a tax sharing program to assist with infrastructure costs for new development in the North City area.
    • Identify funding sources that might be available for tourism advertising to the Tequila and Jalisco markets.
    • Review cannabis revenues and consider a designated planner position to process cannabis related applications.
    • Promote a business-friendly approach in Economic Development and Community Development.
    • Keep downtown as a development focus.
    • Use community events to invite and entertain Economic Development clients.
  3. Housing and Homelessness – Promote the development of new housing in the community.
    • Work to promote the completion of the Landau veteran’s housing project with the goal of starting construction by 2020.
    • Work with regional partners to address homeless in the community with the goal of reducing the number of homeless persons in Cathedral City.
    • Work with the property owners and governmental agencies to identify funding options for the renovation of the Cathedral Palms housing.

  4. Infrastructure – Improve public infrastructure in the community.
    • Analyze street maintenance needs as identified in the Pavement Management plan and develop plans to address.
    • Develop a plan and insure proper maintenance of the CV Link
    • Work to push the DaVall interchange through the regional planning and funding processes.

  5. Community and Business Relations – Provide information to the community and opportunities for individuals and businesses to interact with their City government.
    • Conduct research on the San Francisco programs designed to open up banking opportunities to residents and evaluate their applicability in Cathedral City.
    • Evaluate the possibility and costs of a program to seed a college fund for public school kindergartners.
    • Continue outreach to the Latino-owned businesses in the community
    • Work with state agencies and other cities to seek a solution to provide for banking services for the cannabis industry.
    • Work with an identified community group seeking to establish a job resource center and identify other resources through the County or other agencies that may be available.
    • Get at least two agreements in place for new businesses to include a local first hiring provision and other items as applicable.
    • Focus on business retention and growth of existing businesses.